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Mankato Area Radio Club (MARC) - Charter Membership

Welcome to the official web site of the Mankato Area Radio Club. Originally founded in Mankato, MN on 1954, we have been working to encourage the growth of Amateur Radio for 57 years.

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We, the undersigned, as members of the Mankato Area Radio Club, do, this 10th day of March, 1955, the first anniversary of our club history, declare ourselves Charter Members:

W0PBY Robert L. Beck Mankato, MN
W0TOF Hubert P. Cary Mankato, MN
W0QKA John A. Gratner Mankato, MN
WN0UTY Dick Bell Mankato, MN
W0CXM Bob Curtis Mankato, MN
W0HUU David E. Dunlap Waseca, MN
W0WEY Howard Draper Mankato, MN
Denis Draper Mankato, MN
W0UKY Lowell Ellis Mankato, MN
Mel Gillette Mankato, MN
W0TZB Armin "Gus" Gottschalk Janesville, MN
W0OET Phil Gronewold Lewisville, MN
W0WDU Edward J. Hurby Waseca, MN
W0OGU Ira Johnson Mankato, MN
W0FXS Allen Kawell North Mankato, MN
W0TCK Herman Kopischke, Jr. Janesville
W0UB Don Marcotte Mankato, MN
W0NUI Bill Rau Henderson, MN
W0BBY Lloyd Reed Mankato, MN
W0ANI Lloyd Roberts Mankato, MN
Ronald Roche Mankato, MN
W0VBD Roger Schmidt Mankato, MN
W0DJH Leslie Severson Mankato, MN
WN0WOM Don Schendel North Mankato, MN
W0DZZ George W. Stevens Triumph, MN
W0SSX Maurice "Al" Sween Mankato, MN
W0GSX James Wick LeSueur, MN
W0WVT George Wallace Delavan, MN
W0VYB Milo Washa North Mankato, MN
W0TOK Paul Washa North Mankato, MN
WN0ZGN Berton H. Hansen Waseca, MN
Duayne Bartsch Rapidan, MN
Kenneth E. Scherer Amboy, MN
Carl E. Sougatz Amboy, MN
Don Moe Mankato, MN
Marvin Klotz Mankato, MN
Curtis Sanders Mankato, MN
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