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Welcome to the official web site of the Mankato Area Radio Club. Originally founded in Mankato, Minnesota on 1954, we have been working to encourage the growth of Amateur Radio for 58 years.

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Freqency (MHz)Use
122.72KMKT North Star Aviation (AM)
145.67digipeater (packet)
151.13county highway
154.115Mankato city services
154.295fire mutual aid statewide
154.31Mankato fire
154.3325Madison Lake public works
154.935Mankato district state patrol
155.145Minnesota State University-Mankato security
155.19Blue Earth County sheriff
155.28Gold Cross ambulance
155.31Mankato police
155.34ISJ hospital EMS
155.355Immanuel St. Joseph's
155.475sheriff mutual aid statewide (MINSEF)
155.76Mankato public works
155.76Blue Earth County local government - county fire
155.805Mapleton public works
155.88North Mankato city/fire/police
155.955Lake Crystal public works
160.95state patrol airplane
162.4NOAA Mankato
453.55Mankato city services